Dry brushing: Instructions for use!

At Koko ritual we appreciate healthy products and ancestral methods that contribute to the beauty and health of our skin. Dry brushing consists of brushing the body with a brush with vegetable bristles on dry skin before showering.

Le Brossage à sec: Mode d’emploi !

A gentle daily massage with a dry brush energizes and tones the skin. The skin is one of our most important organs and is able to remove up to 500g of organic waste per day through the pores.

Dry brushing is a simple gesture but with multiple benefits:

  • Stimulation of immunity
  • Activation of the lymphatic system
  • Detoxification of pores
  • Helps in the treatment of cellulite
  • Relaxing and toning effect

There are several brushing methods but the basic principle is to brush the extremities of the body in a circular motion towards the lymph nodes, located in the armpits, under the collarbones, back of the knees, inside of the elbows and at the level of the elder.

Brossage à sec - schéma

At Koko ritual, we brush our feet, then our legs, buttocks, stomach, arms and finally the upper back. We start with light movements then we adapt the intensity of brushing according to the sensitivity of our skin. Do not forget to brush where our lymph nodes are located, these famous organs which are in the path of the circulation of the lymph. You will generally find them in the hollows and folds like the knees, groin, elbows, armpits, neck….

If your skin is slightly red after brushing this is normal, it shows that your blood circulation is working well. Some may even feel invigorated and experience a tingling sensation.

We promise you, this five-minute ritual Koko gesture in the morning or in the evening before the shower very quickly becomes addicting.

If you have rashes, inflammatory problems, or infections, avoid these parts of the body.

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